Monday, May 16, 2011

Not done, but getting there...

The Actual Process:
Everything except the management of ectopic pregnancy is completed now. If you see something wildly off or have a suggestion to make, please feel free to let me know. I am by no means infallible. [Ectopic pregnancy with medical and surgical management is now included so this section is complete.]

Thanks to the additional women who have graciously allowed me to post their children's photographs and in some cases links to their stories. You are helping other women, I assure you. I am still looking for photographs so contact me if you are able to help here.

Your Stories and Prayers and Liturgics:
Some more stories have been posted and an additional link to photos and descriptions of a burial. I am giving basic descriptions of the stories under the links so they will be easier to navigate.

Amanda has graciously featured Lost Innocents on her blog, This Girl Will Never be the Same. She has a history of two losses and photographs of her sons Rowan and Levi can be found on the Photographs page. Glory to God, Amanda is currently 28 weeks pregnant and our prayers are with her.

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