Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Site Updates

Photographs: I have added some more photographs which people have kindly let me use. I am having trouble finding natural (read: nice) photographs of babies at quite a few of the gestational ages. If you know of any photographs or have any photographs that fit this description, please consider allowing them to be posted on this page. I know these are of an extremely personal and usually private nature, but providing these photographs may prevent women from being confronted with abortion photographs at a devastating time when they are only trying to find out what their baby will look like.

Natural Miscarriage: I still haven't done much to support the actual title of the page! Still, I have added a list and explanation of terms related to miscarriage. Next to come will be descriptions of various management techniques and then a section on natural miscarriage: what to expect, how to prepare, what to do. This is a fairly extensive section and I'm trying to put up information in complete sections so there is less chance of someone coming away misinformed. [Update - I've just posted a large section about managing miscarriage at home. Still need to include medical and surgical management of miscarriage.]

Prayer and Liturgical: I adjusted the title of this page to more accurately reflect the contents. I will be adding some discussion by Fr. David Moser about the eternal destination of unborn (and thus unbaptized) babies that was sent to me. It is among the best I have ever read.

There are some minor additions on a few other pages. There will be more personal stories coming soon as well. As these are added, I will update the blog portion of the site.

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