Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Page on Stillbirth

I originally conceived this site with the purpose of sharing information related to miscarriage from an Orthodox perspective. Over time (a surprisingly short period) it has been revealed how much similar information is needed on stillbirth. I have had women write that 'this site was helpful despite the fact that I had a stillbirth, not a miscarriage'. I don't want anyone to find information on this site helpful despite anything. I hadn't included stillbirth because I haven't experienced one. I turned to a now-friend who had a stillbirth at the beginning of the year and asked if she would mind helping me out. She graciously responded with a page of information that helps cover some of the gaps in information left over the rest of the site. This page does not include run-of-the-mill information on labor and delivery because that is available in abundance. This is more specific to stillbirth.

If you have had a stillbirth and would like to have your story included, or photographs of your baby included on that page, please contact me and let me know. In addition, if you read this page and have any additional information you think should be included, let me know that as well.

Many thanks to Trish who so willingly relived her painful experiences for me so that they could be shared with you. She is also working on a birth story which will appear on the "Your Stories" page. [Her story is now posted as well as photographs of her daughter Evelyn on the "Photographs" page.]


  1. I really like the new dos and donts list. That is a really helpful resource. Much love, Trish

  2. Thanks, Trish. It's the best list I've ever seen. There should be public service announcements on TV with that list.


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