Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Site Updates

Since I last posted an update about the "Your Stories" page, we have added some new stories. Welcome and many thanks to Franki, who wrote about her son Danny, and Kristi, who wrote about her daughter Naomi Faith.

In addition, thanks to Kara who featured Lost Innocents on her blog, Random Musings. Kara's stories about her children Julia and Evan are on the "Your Stories" page. Kara continues to blog about her journey through grief, in addition to trying to conceive.

Also, Kristi (mentioned above) will be listing Lost Innocents on her site, Naomi's Circle, a Christian-based site for bereaved parents, friends and professionals. I encourage you to visit it.

I am considering adding a section listing sites and blogs by categories (multiple loss, stillbirth loss, early loss, etc.) if any would be interested. I have amassed quite a collection in my bookmarks and I refer to them myself. Please let me know if you think this would be helpful.


  1. I think adding a list of sites and blogs is a great idea. There are lots of sites out there, each with their own unique emphasis. If I think of any that you haven't mentioned I will send them your way :)

  2. That would be great, thanks! I'll start working on it. I already have a decent number of sites linked on the rest of the site, but it would probably be good to collect them all in one place with the addition of more.


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