Monday, September 26, 2011

Orthodox Conferences on Conception, Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

I want to draw your attention (those who will be interested) to the OCAMPR [Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion] 2011 conference on "The Science and Theology of Conception" which will take place at Holy Cross seminary in Brookline, Massachusetts on November 4-5. The brochure is here. Of particular interest to me is the fact that they will have a relic and wonderworking icon of St. Anna there. I wish I could go!

The conference for 2012 is still under construction but will dovetail on this year's conference. From the website:
The next two OCAMPR conferences are dedicated to helping you the caregiver gain greater insight into the medical, psychological, and spiritual world of conception, child-birth, and childlessness, and develop the tools that will enable you to more fully appreciate and minister to those inhabiting this complicated universe.
The 2012 conference will be focused on pregnancy and infant loss and infertility. I have rendered some very small assistance to the conference planning committee and hope to work with them more next year (as my emotional healing is furthered). Megan Brightwell, the planning chairman for the 2012 conference, very kindly mentioned Lost Innocents on their website.

If you are a medical professional, nurse, counselor, doctor, etc., then please check out the OCAMPR website and consider attending their conferences. They have put a great deal of work into them.

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