Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Upcoming Updates

I have several things in mind to add/alter here on Lost Innocents. I'm finally coming out from under the dark shadow of Andrew's death and would like to spend some time and energy updating this site. Some of the things I have in mind:
  • Resources for parents who are expecting a baby who is not expected to live
  • Resources for women who have had a stillbirth
  • Resources for women who have lost one of a set of multiples (including the "vanishing twin")
  • Information for women who have had multiple losses
  • Additional information about the care of your baby's body between birth and burial.
  • More information about induced labor for a missed miscarriage (i.e. - Andrew's birth story, just the medical parts)
  • Ideas for coping with loss anniversaries (due dates, birth dates, 40 days, etc.)
  • Information about infertility and loss
  • Information about pregnancy after a loss
This is a great time to let me know what else you want to see on this site. Have you come here looking for something and not found it? Do you think something is not explained well or not enough information (or an appropriate link) is given?

Also, do you have a birth story you wouldn't mind sharing or having me link to? Do you have photographs you would like to share of your child?

I appreciate the comments and emails I've gotten over the last 9 months letting me know that this site has been helpful to that person or a family member or friend. This is a place I never thought I would be. I've received so much help, encouragement and information that it would be wrong not to share it. A lot of those emails have come at a time when they were most needed.

Even though this has been a very rewarding work, it has also been difficult. In order to write Andrew's story I'm going to have to essentially relive it and I know that will be very painful. When I ask people if they wouldn't mind writing out their birth stories as a source of encouragement and solace to others, I really do understand what I'm asking. I will be writing Andrew's story sometime in the next few days. I know from having written Innocent's story that while it will be painful, it will also be healing. I need that healing and I encourage you to seek it as well. If you haven't written the story of your child's pregnancy and birth then I urge you to do it. You never have to share it with another living soul - you will still have the benefits.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this site by writing, sharing, linking or praying.


  1. I have our Philip's birth story already typed up and could share it. It has been five years, but sometimes it still seems so fresh. Your photos of Andrew reminded me so much of Philip and I wished again (bitterly) that I had taken better photos of him. The ones I do have are so grainy and awful. We were afraid to handle his body after he was born and the staff at the hospital dealt with the whole situation in an incredibly insensitive and uncaring manner. So my photos are terrible. By the time we were brave enough to handle his body, we were wrapping it in a shroud for the tiny casket, and I didn't think to take any photos right then. Let me know how you want me to send the story. I have photos of Philip's grave and some other related misc. but I'm not comfortable sharing the photos of him after birth.

  2. Juliana,

    Please email me at annacrawford (at) cableone (dot) net. The photos I have of Innocent aren't nearly as good as the ones of Andrew. I don't know why I didn't take more, use better lighting, etc. Given how little direction I had I think I did reasonably well and it sounds like you did too. I'm so sorry your experience was so bad. It breaks my heart to read all the horror stories.


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