Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Points of Intersection

When I check stats for this site I am always interested by the searches that led people here.  Sometimes it seems logical, sometimes I can tell the person was looking for something else entirely. It is amazing how we all intersect.

Every time I see "eleven week miscarriage" or something to that effect I know there is tremendous pain behind it. God bless all of you fellow sufferers who wind up here. I hope you find comfort along your journey. It sure is a hard one.

I know other people come because they're expecting and want to know what their baby looks like. I'm pretty sure most of them did not expect to see more than a computer-generated image of a thirteen week baby. While I know it's a shock to see a real thirteen week (or eight week, or fifteen week) baby, the fact that these babies have departed this life in no way detracts from their beauty or miraculousness. I hope that seeing these tiny fingers and toes and elbows and knees instills a sense of the wonder of what they are nurturing inside them.

I'm sure others come for spurious reasons, but they at least keep this to themselves. Perhaps they leave with something better than they came.

I'm going to leave this post as the topper for a while because I want to ask a question. If you came here, did you find what you were looking for? Was something helpful? Was something missing? Something incorrect or incomplete? This site is not ever going to be completely comprehensive about miscarriage, but I was hoping it would fill a gap. I did want to encourage people to at least attempt to have their babies naturally and at the time I suffered my first miscarriage there was very little information online about miscarrying naturally when one was farther along than six or eight weeks. This will not be possible for every person and I in no way want to crush people who wound up having surgery, but so many people didn't even know this was an option. That also goes for burying your baby after miscarrying, no matter what the method.

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