Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm sorry there hasn't been much here lately. I just passed Andrew's due date and that was hard. There were many babies born in the few weeks and days preceding his due date (and on his due date) and while I have been glad that all of them are safe and sound, it is hard to be reminded of what isn't.

Thank you to Natasha for sharing photographs of her precious son Jeremiah with us. Jeremiah departed this life at the age of 18 weeks gestation. I am hoping a story may be coming soon as well* but the photographs on the Photographs Page have a link back to Natasha's blog. I appreciate all of you gracious people who have shared your children with all of us. If any of you could know what it has meant to many people to be able to see these babies...

Thank you.

*His story has been added on the Your Stories page.

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