Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Page: Comfort

Many sites about pregnancy and infant loss have photos and drawings of babies with wings, butterflies, poetry, etc. I can only speak for myself when I say that my only comfort has derived from reality. Sometimes reality is a harsh thing, but there is something about death that strips away all the fluff. For me, my faith is reality. Orthodoxy is not my religion, it is not "a religion" at all - it is Life. I know with all certainty that my children are in Heaven at the feet of Christ, looking upon the beauty of His face. They hear me when I ask them to pray and intercede for me. I pray that one day I may be counted worthy to look upon them again.

I have started a page containing things which have been a help and consolation to me on this journey of grief. None of these words are my own - they are all from the Holy Fathers, the Church hymnography, etc. I will add to it from time to time. I hope that something you may find on that page will ease the pain in your heart a little.


  1. Thank you. Reality is also what I have the need to face- no fluff, no angel wings. I am praying for a miracle as I type- I am facing a 90% chance of another miscarriage due to small gestational sac. "Jesus I trust in you." Period.

  2. Linda, I hope everything goes well.


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