Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some site updates and thanks

This post is long-overdue. I need to publicly acknowledge some wonderful people for sharing photos of their children and stories of their miscarriages.

First, Ivy shared pictures of baby Bliss, and Kristen shared a photograph of her baby Ryan, both enclosed in a clot/sac (so you can't see the baby).

Sara shared pictures of her baby Simsim, unique because the baby is between 5 and 6 weeks, very early to see photographs.

Evon shared a photograph of her baby Daniel with details carefully labeled.

Sarah shared a beautiful photo of baby Grace still in the sac at 8 weeks.

Tabitha shared pictures of her ten week baby Angel, both in the sac and out.

Chris shared the story of Xenia Diane, linked on the Your Stories page.

Most recently, Jillian shared photos and the story of her 10 week baby Ever Elliot. I posted these yesterday.

Thank you to all of these generous and loving women. May the memory of their babies be eternal!

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