Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Assistance needed with new resource

I would like to have a page with a list of Orthodox monasteries and churches who make cemetery space available for miscarried infants. Ideally I would list these by state. BUT, while I know of a few, it's not many. So I'm going to need your help!

Here are a few I am aware of. Please add any others in the comments and I will start putting together a page. Share this around so it gets wider exposure. I think something like this would be very helpful.

I do want to keep this to Orthodox monasteries and churches. While I am sure there are many places for Catholics and Protestants to bury miscarried babies, Orthodox Christians need to know what is available to them too (and this is primarily an Orthodox site). 

Here is the link to the page so far.

Note: If you wish to bury your baby at any of these places, you need to contact the abbess/abbot/priest. They probably have restrictions on who can use their cemeteries.


  1. It seemed my initial post did not take, but forgive me if I am double-posting inadvertently!

    St. John the Forerunner in Goldendale, WA, has a small section for stillborn/miscarried infants.

    I will note that in our experience, it was easier to find a place to bury a stillborn or miscarried child than a baby who had survived birth but then died.

  2. I know that both the parishes in Post Falls Idaho and Bonners Ferry Idaho have attached cemeteries. If you contacted the priests there, they might be able to help you.


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