Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nicki's story: Forgiveness

Many thanks to Nicki for sharing the story of the loss of her baby, Forgiveness, at six weeks and two days, delivered much later at home. May Forgiveness's memory be eternal!

I am anticipating a few more stories and photos will be submitted soon, so there should be more site updates before long. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their stories and photos, or commented on the pages, offering comfort to others and even sharing their own stories in the comment sections, or who have emailed me to let me know how helpful this site was. As you can imagine, while the role of managing this site isn't exactly cheerful, it is very rewarding and those words of encouragement certainly help! Lost Innocents has been online for almost exactly four years and in those four years many babies have been honored and many people have found some measure of peace (and help). While I started this site, it is by no means a solo work. Again, thank you all. May God reward your labors!

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  1. Nicki's story is beautiful. I imagine that sharing it has helped her grieve, and I know that her story will help others. It's a shame that we are not comfortable sharing that we buried our children, even though they were so small... what a strange world, where doing something as beautiful and natural as honoring the memory of a tiny lost child would seem like something to keep quiet. What a strange place this is. xoxo


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