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Resource and Information Sites:

Naming the Child- provided by the author of the book of the same name, has various resources, poetry, a memorial section, some stories, etc.
Babies Remembered - very comprehensive site with extensive book list, collection of resources, news articles, pertinent legislation updates, medical studies, etc. Plus, the author is an international speaker to hospital groups and others on the subject of infant loss and bereavement.
Coping Together - focuses on helping couples grieve together and understand different manifestations of grief
Pregnancy Loss Info - information about pregnancy loss including medical (presented sensitively), grieving, coping, conceiving again, and memorials
Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope - stories of pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss all searchable by keywords; also forums and other resources
Hope for Healing - information about pregnancy loss doulas
The Amethyst Network - a network of doulas providing pregnancy loss support
Naomi's Circle - comprehensive site including stories of loss (miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss), forums, resources, blog lists, etc. All Christian perspective.
Still Life With Circles - the "Right Where I Am" project - over 160 links to women's stories of where they are in their grief, anywhere from a few weeks to over a decade.
Hope in Miscarriage - Unique because it is written by a mother who lost twins in the first trimester, but at different gestations. Contains quite a lot of good practical information as well as additional resources.
Stillbirthday - Fairly comprehensive site about miscarriage and stillbirth, similar to this one. There is a photographs page there as well.
Prunci Pierduți Și Născuți Înainte De Vreme. O perspectivă Ortodoxă - (Lost babies and born prematurely. An Orthodox Perspective) This site is more or less the Romanian equivalent of Lost Innocents but features some different stories and information. A great boon to the Romanian-speaking readers!
Angel Babies: Information specifically about dealing with second and third trimester loss. Includes stories, information, a large page of helpful links, and a link to a blog with many, many examples of knitted, sewn and crocheted items for tiny babies.
Life and Loss: A blog/site by a perinatal hospice nurse who has herself suffered loss. Excellent information for everyone but especially for those in the health care arena.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - Free photography for infants born after 24 weeks either still or with terminal illness.
Bev's Country Cottage Patterns - free patterns for shrouds, burial gowns, "cradles" (for tiny babies unable to be dressed) -sewn, crocheted or knit.
Mikayla's Grace - donate money or materials to put together NICU boxes and memory boxes
Heaven's Gain - caskets and other supplies for the burial of infants of every stage gestation.
Something Precious - (Available only in UK) - tiny burial clothing, blankets, pouches, hats, etc. for babies starting at 6 inches. A lovely service.

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[If you see ** this means the blogger has been pregnant/had a baby since the miscarriage(s) and blogged about it. So you're not surprised by a trigger I will try to go through all of these periodically to update this part of the list. I know it can be discouraging early on to read about a pregnancy and newborn ("Why not me??") but if you look at this list, you will see that there is hope.] 

First Trimester Loss Blogs:

Random Musings - pre-14 week loss (also, see below...)
This Girl Will Never Be the Same - 12 week loss (also, see below...) **
Miscarriage at 7 weeks, Stillbirth at 19 weeks, and Hope for a New Life! - self explanatory **
O'Leary Bunch - 12 week loss

Later Pregnancy Loss Blogs:
Savannah's Song - 19 week loss of first child**
This Girl Will Never Be the Same - 19 week loss (also, see above...) -**
When Lightning Strikes Twice - 16 week loss after embryo donation (also four early miscarriages) **
Caleb's Ministry - full site including forums (very new) and memorials page. 17 week loss.
Miscarriage at 7 weeks, Stillbirth at 19 weeks, and Hope for a New Life! - self explanatory **
Jeremiah 31:13 - loss at 18 weeks **
Jack at Random - loss at full-term after accident; unique - written by father **
Unexpected Storm - 18 week loss, unknown causes

Term Stillbirth and Infant Loss Blogs:
Random Musings - full-term infant coded at birth and lived for four days (also, see above...)
Jacob's Story - full-term infant unexpectedly born without a trachea died at birth.**


  1. i have a story & photos but i cannot find your email? thank you. christina

    1. The email is lostinnocentsorthodox (at) gmail (dot) com.


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