Monday, April 25, 2011

Updates: Birth story

I've posted Innocent's birth stories. Part I is the overall story and doesn't include graphic details. It's posted in the "Your Stories" section. Part II is the more medical version mostly covering the actual miscarriage and it's posted in the "Natural Miscarriage" section. Everything is still under construction, but I'm trying to keep at it and post things as I can.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Site Updates and More

While they are by no means finished, some of the pages on this site have had significant updates in the last few days.

Under the "Prayer" tab are listed a churching prayer and also an outline of a sample burial service. Also linked at the bottom of that page are a few posts which depict such burials. If you would like to have yours linked as well, as an example, then please contact me.

On the "Practical Helps" page I have added some information about what to do with your baby if you miscarry under various circumstances including spontaneous miscarriage and D&C (ectopic pregnancy to be added too). This is in a question/answer format and will be added to on a continual basis.

The other pages are either bare (sorry) or have minimal information on them at present. The "Photographs" section should be primarily used for help in identifying your baby if you miscarry. There will be photographs of each week gestation from six weeks on. I am trying to post photographs taken "in real life" if possible because what a baby looks like in the womb using a special camera can be very different from what you will see yourself. These photographs will be of the entire person and not just "artsy" photographs so that the purpose will be best met. If you want to submit photographs of this sort for this page then I am happy to consider them. Other photographs would be best submitted in the "Your Stories" section with your birth story or in a montage by themselves. At present the only photographs on this page are of my son Innocent. I hope to add more soon. [The goal of this page is to help people avoid the horror of coming across photographs of aborted babies when they are looking for photographs to help them during a miscarriage.]

The "Natural Miscarriage" page will be much more clinical in nature than the other pages. When I realized I was going to miscarry my son, I was afraid, not knowing what to expect. Looking on the internet I mostly came across information about spontaneous miscarriage of six-week babies. This was not a help for me: my baby was over 12 weeks. I was also under pressure to have a D&C which I did not want. Thanks to the generosity of friends and blog readers who shared their stories with me by e-mail, I had the information I needed to prepare. I want this information to be available to more women. This page will list the different kinds of miscarriage including ectopic pregnancy and the typical ways of managing each. For women who opt to miscarry at home, there will be information about what supplies to have on hand, what to expect, and help you recognize when you need to get medical help. I will be very happy to have people share some clinical details on this page. My experience was limited, so your help will be appreciated.

[addendum: the "For Family and Friends" page is up now as well.]

That's about all that's up right now. With the end of Holy Week and Pascha approaching I want to spend less time on-line. That's not to say nothing will be added during this time, as it is helpful to me personally to work on this. Again, I will say that any suggestions, submissions, corrections, etc., are more than welcome. I do not have a monopoly on the pain associated with losing a pre-born baby and I want anyone to feel that they can contribute.

Have a good rest of Holy Week and a good Pascha!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work in Progress

This is a very new blog which is still in its construction phase. If you happen to stumble across it and need more information than I already have posted, feel free to use the email link in my profile to email me any questions you may have.

I only fully miscarried 9 days ago (although I learned my baby died 20 days ago) so I can only work on this a bit at a time. My pain is still very new.

I hope to have this in a more complete state by Pentecost.

Again, do not hesitate to email me if you have any suggestions, corrections or need any information (or a shoulder).