Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review of "An Orthodox Pastoral Approach to Miscarriage" by Fr. Peter J. Gillquist

I have been very privileged to read a copy of Fr. Peter Jon Gillquist's thesis entitled, “An Orthodox Pastoral Approach to Miscarriage”*. With his permission I would like to share parts of it with you here.

How came Fr. Peter to write on this topic? From the introduction:

“On the morning of Holy Thursday, 2003, following the celebration of the institution of the Mystical Supper, my wife Kristina suffered a miscarriage. Prior to this day, I had not given much thought to losing a baby. I remembered vividly the time my sister’s son had died in the womb at five months – the footprints taken at the hospital, the tiny casket at the cemetery, and the devastating months of tears that followed – but this was the first time I had experienced the harsh reality myself: my child had died.” (p. 2)

Fr. Peter then began a journey through the rocky terrain of pregnancy loss. He wanted to bury his child, but where? Who would do it? Who could guide him on this unfamiliar journey? His parish priest was kind but couldn't offer help. In the end his child Zoe was buried at a monastery in an area created just for this purpose (on the occasion of Zoe's burial).

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Page: "Picking up the pieces..."

I just started a new page called "Picking up the pieces..." It is not complete and I will need your help to expand it. It addresses the questions that come after the initial shock and activity. Questions like, "will it ever get better? When?" Because everyone experiences something a little different your contributions are very valuable. Please leave comments on that page sharing with everyone what your experiences were. I will gradually add more content to the page.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcoming: "An Orthodox Pastoral Approach to Miscarriage"

I have been very blessed to read a paper sent to me by Fr. Peter Jon Gillquist entitled, "An Orthodox Pastoral Approach to Miscarriage". I believe it is yet unpublished and I will probably be seeking permission to post it here on Lost Innocents. It is a very good work and I want it to be read widely. I have written a review and will be posting that here as soon as I have permission from Fr. Peter. As Orthodox we stand up for the rights of the unborn but we do not have a universal, compassionate policy regarding the treatment of babies who die before birth. This needs to change. I hope that in publicizing the work by Fr. Peter I can help effect that change.