Monday, May 25, 2015

Site Update: Nina's babies

Many thanks to Nina for writing down and sharing the stories of her miscarriage at approximately 7 weeks (naturally at home) and a subsequent pregnancy of twins, lost to a missed miscarriage from unknown causes at about 10 weeks, 2 days. You can find her stories on the Your Stories page.

May the memory of Nina's children be eternal!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Kind Email

Letter published with permission from the author:


   I tried to leave a comment on your site, but I don't think it worked. I want to tell you how much you have helped me.

   I miscarried our fourth child at 8 weeks in August 1994. I had been brought up to believe that at this early stage there was no baby, just a clump of cells. So, I didn't think to look for our baby, and put the grief to the back of my mind. August 1995 saw the safe arrival of our daughter. Family life continued and every time thoughts of our missing child arose, I ignored them.

   In October 2008 our eldest child died aged 21. In coming to peace with this, the earlier loss was harder to ignore and I started mentioning the miscarriage to family and friends.

   In September 2014, I developed post viral fatigue and have had to stop rushing about. I spend much time meditating and just thinking quietly about things. My little one kept coming to mind and I have recently been drawn to the you tube videos made in memory of angel babies. I suddenly knew that little one had not been just a clump of cells and I really needed to see what he/she would have looked like.

   I searched " what does an 8 week gestation baby look like." And your site was the one I looked at. I cannot start to tell you how helpful I have found it. 19 years later, I can finally grieve for my baby. Even though I am not yet able to talk about this with my family, I know through the stories and photographs that I am not alone, that little one was a real baby. I never held him/ her but he/she grew next to my heart and will always be there.  I take comfort from the fact that my two children in heaven have each other.

   The strength of my reaction suggests to me that part of my health problem has been caused by being in denial for all these years. I am confident that my health will improve. I love knitting and crocheting and will be making hats, blankets etc for preemies as well as angel babies as a way of honouring the lives of my two in heaven.

   Thank you so much for being there.

Peace and love


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nicki's story: Forgiveness

Many thanks to Nicki for sharing the story of the loss of her baby, Forgiveness, at six weeks and two days, delivered much later at home. May Forgiveness's memory be eternal!

I am anticipating a few more stories and photos will be submitted soon, so there should be more site updates before long. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their stories and photos, or commented on the pages, offering comfort to others and even sharing their own stories in the comment sections, or who have emailed me to let me know how helpful this site was. As you can imagine, while the role of managing this site isn't exactly cheerful, it is very rewarding and those words of encouragement certainly help! Lost Innocents has been online for almost exactly four years and in those four years many babies have been honored and many people have found some measure of peace (and help). While I started this site, it is by no means a solo work. Again, thank you all. May God reward your labors!